Sanitary tissue machien

Automatic Box-packing Tissue maschineID 2361EDWT-210 T5 Z-Z machine
Automatic Box-packing Tissue maschine
talet paperID 2362Perini 413C rewinder
talet paper
ZZ foldsID 2397DCM EPITAF Linka na kosmetické a ručníky ZZ
ZZ folds
log saw for taol paperID 2401Log Saw
log saw for taol paper
napkin machineID 2402OMET FN 450
napkin machine

Sanitary tissue products (embossing)

 The embossing (facing) process is used to manufacture paper products with embossed patterns. Typical examples include sanitary tissue products, toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs and kitchen towels.

The pattern (face) is embossed between two rollers. The rollers can be made of rubber or a combination of rubber/steel or rubber/laminated paper. The product format is prepared during the processing in rewinders. The embossing is followed by folding the tissue plies, trimming the edges, folding to the set format, and depositing of the processed product. The products are dispatched to the packaging plant at the end of the production process.